home theater room with sony tv and dolby surround sound

Surround Sound

When deciding about a home theater, what’s more important: a big picture or big sound? What if you could only choose one? Most people are undoubtedly drawn to an enormous screen than a suite of boxy-looking speakers. But having that big sound is what makes the movie really come to life. Our team works with customers to design aesthetically pleasing and high performing surround sound systems.

Common Speaker Configurations

LCR (Left/Center/Right)

5.1 (LCR + 2 Rear Speakers+ 1 Subwoofer)

7.1 (LCR +2 Rear Speakers + 2 In-Ceiling Speakers + 1 Subwoofer)

9.1 (LCR +2 Rear Speakers + 4 In-Ceiling Speakers + 1 Subwoofer)

Adding a 2nd Subwoofer to a system is a popular upgrade

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Whole House Audio

What is Whole House Audio? Simply put, it’s speakers in multiple rooms that are supplied with sound from a central music source. Our systems let you play different music in each room or the same music in all rooms. 

Most Popular Locations For House Audio


Dining Room


Laundry Room



Master Bedroom 

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invisible in wall speakers nakymatone wraith audio

Invisible Sound

In some rooms the appearance of a speaker is disruptive to it’s aesthetic. We offer invisible “mud-in” speakers that can be painted over; maintaining the rooms aesthetic integrity while still producing high quality sound.

Popular Applications for Invisible Speakers

Formal Dining Rooms

Historic Buildings

Modern Minimalist Architecture

Those Trying to Eliminate Tech Clutter or “Wall-Acne”

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2 Channel Hi Fidelity Audio

The term “audiophile” gets thrown around a lot. To some it may indicate a mystical human who inherently knows everything about the obscure aspects of audio. However, the fact is that most audiophiles are just normal people who happen to love great sound. Setup an appointment for us to share with you the magic of hi-fidelity sound. Once you’ve heard it, you’ll never be the same!

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Personalize Your Control

Having an amazing sound system is one thing, easily controlling it is another. We specialize in making technology easy for everyone to use. This means that with limited training your children and grandparents will be able to enjoy the experience.

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