Digital Installers

About DI

Since 2000, our passion and unyielding pursuit of exceeding customer expectations has made Digital Installers, Inc. a Southern California leader in luxury audio/video design and implementation. 

Our long standing team is composed of engineers, programmers, designers, and veteran technicians who have taken their talents to an elite level. The culture within our organization inspires and rewards continued achievement. 

When you combine our experience, product knowledge and our genuine excitement for what we do, you will not only be in good hands, but you will truly enjoy working with us. A majority of our new business comes by way of referrals from existing customers.

Rusty Deeble

Rusty Deeble
Founder & President

The Beginning

While a sophomore at California State University Long Beach, Rusty Deeble founded Digital Installers in the year 2000. Initially the company focused on the first wave of home networks, universal remote controls, and custom flat screen installations. The company’s offerings have expanded overtime to include commercial audio/video, security systems, smart lighting, motorized shading, and automation for the luxury market.

Industry Influencer

Over the next 20 years Rusty grew his company through a never ending pursuit of knowledge and innovation. Having earned multiple US patents he has become an industry influencer, sits on the boards of several audio/video manufacturers, and is a certified CEDIA Instructor. Rusty was nominated for CEDIA’s 2019 Young Professional of the Year award.

Local Activities

In 2013 Rusty was recognized by Farmers in Merchants Bank as one of California’s Strongest People You Can Bank On.” He continues to give back by supporting and donating his time as a board member of the YMCA of Long Beach.

Our Process

Let Our Process Guide the Way

For all of our projects, from our luxury home theater design services to our smart home design efforts, our company strives for the ultimate professionalism by sticking to a consistent and transparent process. This way you know exactly what to expect throughout all phases of the project and have a clear understanding of how your technology goals are brought to life.

*In the majority of projects the integrator is responsible for all hardware procurement and labor and the consultant has design responsibility.

1. Listening & Understanding

Your project begins with a one-on-one conversation where we learn everything about your needs and preferences so we can design a system curated just for you. We’ll take the time to learn about your lifestyle, interests and budget or space constraints. As we learn more, we’ll be able to better tailor the ideal functionality and capabilities for your system.

2. Designing & Engineering

The next step is taking the information from the initial discovery meetings to craft the design for your home AV installation according to your performance priorities and budget qualifications. This proposal gives an overhead explanation of the subsystems for each room. It outlines the features and functionality you can expect from a smart lighting system, audio, video and networking. We’ll discuss it with you and integrate your feedback before moving on to the next stage. Once we have approval on that original proposal, we’ll use cutting-edge Computer Aided Design (CAD) technology and project drawings to create in-depth documentation for our technicians to follow. These plans include the hardware models, labor requirements, low-voltage wiring, lighting load specifications, engineering schematics and rack elevations. By strictly following these plans, we ensure the final project is in line with the approved design.

3. Implementation

At the job site, our staff uses the engineering documentation to lay out all necessary low-voltage wiring and device enclosures. Knowing the unique requirements for various subsystems, our technicians expertly install and test all devices to ensure they work as specified in the original documentation. How long the process takes will depend on the project scope as well as any change orders along the way. If any changes are made during this stage, they’re included in relevant as-built documentation.

4. Service & Support

After installation, we ensure our clients enjoy a world-class service experience to keep their integrated technology running smoothly for years. How can you enjoy optimal performance from your system? Every piece of documentation is kept for future service, manufacturer warranties are guaranteed and we offer ongoing tech support. Let us craft advanced service plans for you that include 24/7 remote monitoring, network performance tests and priority response times.